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My journey into the world of photography and design began early in the 80's as an apprentice to a New England based commercial photographer. During this time I also attended NESOP (New England School of Photography) in Boston and studied Advertising and Commercial Photography. Over the next decade I owned a commercial studio in southern NH and enjoyed working with many talented art directors, writers and other creative professionals for a number of clients including Nashua Corporation, Brookstone, Kodak, Howtek and numerous other New England companies.

Following that I worked as a Visual and User Interface designer for five years and then as a Communications Consultant for Fidelity Investments. This culmination of experience allows me to continue to offer marketing and design expertise on web sites, brochures and multi-channel communications programs.

In Studio C my world converges and I am again focusing my lens on producing images for fine art and commercial use. What excites me most about my work today is that along with shooting commercial photography I am able to incorporate moments in time from places very special to me. This past year I have had the joy of not only being in extraordinary settings, but sharing truly precious moments in time with people in my life. I am looking forward to many events and upcoming shows and am grateful for your interest and support.

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I enjoy meeting other ACPs, UGMs and photographers, feel free to reach out when visiting the area.


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